On June 22nd, SandGrain held its 2nd seminar targeted at High Tech OEMs regarding

  • counterfeiting
  • embedded software copy protection
  • secure downloads/updating of firmware

Eduard Hoeberichts (CEO SandGrain) opened the seminar by addressing the opportunity costs for an OEM over the total lifecycle of a product due to counterfeiting and illegal copying of firmware. Presenting statistics, o.a. from the Pentagon, on how many products in the tech industry are counterfeited and the resulting financial, IP, and brand/image losses. Following was Subhajeet Rath (Research Scientist TNO) on the European passport regulation and their research findings featuring blockchain technology as an ideal transparent platform for the sharing of essential battery data over the total lifecycle. The SandGrain strong authentication solution was pitched as an ideal way to assure the data in the blockchain belongs to a specific physical battery. Next was the value of ownership potential for VDL ETG of using good anti-counterfeit solutions, based on years of experience in the field with many high-tech systems.

After a break with fruitful network discussions, Dr. Ir Egbert-Jan Sol (Program Director Smart Industry TNO) presented the need for the internet to evolve from a “data-transfer” to a “value-transfer” medium. Predicting many new “broker-less” marketplaces and increased servitization once the coupling can be assured between the blockchain transactions and the delivery and ownership of the physical goods. He also elaborated on the NXTGEN project in which these topics are researched together with SandGrain. Nexperia-ITEC with Leonard Lensink (Senior Principal Software Engineer) was the last speaker sharing Nexperia-ITEC’s considerations on security and control of their high-tech semiconductor manufacturing equipment. These become factors of importance, as they are transforming from a traditional OEM for an internal Nexperia market to external markets, considering the EaaS business model. The potential role of SandGrain was also highlighted. The last session was performed by Pieter Hooijmans (CTO SandGrain) in which he illustrated the details of how the SandGrain solution can address counterfeiting, secure firmware downloads, firmware copy protection, and other use cases of strong authentication of individual parts of high-tech equipment. EaaS offerings are currently being constructed by OEMs to address their challenges of higher service levels, predictive maintenance, and circularity.

The seminar was closed with exciting observations of Hans Priem (Business Manager VDL ETG), who stressed the relevance, and thus, the potential of the SandGrain solution together with final words from Eduard and a networking drink enjoying the sun at the Evoluon.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our next seminar!

Safe and secure – no matter what application

We provide a universal authentication platform for any connective device.

Today, cyber-attacks are a real concern. We believe in restoring trust and piece of mind in an ever-changing and expanding Internet-of-Things.

We have created a unique solution that can be applied universally to any connective device within the Internet-of-Things. It combines the best of both worlds: a secure cloud platform linked to a token physically attached to the device.


The secure cloud platform providing state-of-the-art cyber security and required software services.

  • Generates, assigns, and issues unique identities for hardware tokens
  • Validates authentication requests from tokens in de field.
  • State-of-the Art cyber-security
  • Infinitely scalable

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Physically Unique ID

An immutable, hardwired, token that cannot be hacked.

  • A small IC that can be attached on the end-node of any IoT device
  • Immutable and extremely robust
  • Unique codes that are hard-coded on the IC using patented SandGrain technology
  • Communicates with CyberRock for authentication.

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