Transition towards sustainable and safe mobility

Contributing to the circular economy

Avoiding unauthorised configuration changes

The Automotive industry has entered its transition towards sustainable and safe mobility. New technologies for driver assistance and autonomous driving introduce on-board electronic systems, infrastructural connectivity and data management. To assure system configuration control, in order to protect against counterfeit, identification and authentication have become vital to generate trusted product and performance data.

With the sustainable goal of decarbonization, the electrification of vehicles via batteries have become the disruptive technology for on-board energy provision. In addition Legislation and standards have defined the minimum requirements for battery systems demanding a Battery Passport for the aspect of chemical composition and critical material circularity plus a Battery Management System for the provision of performance data to third parties during the battery lifecycle. As the physical link between these two aspects is missing, the risk of undetected changes (refurbishment) is yet to be avoided.

While complying to these aspects, the hazards of digitalization and the vulnerability of remote and illegal access into the operational systems or data networks are numerous. Loss of control, undesirable access/hacks, illegal configuration changes (chemical and environmental risks) can cause reputational damages, functional failure or business decision based upon corrupted data causes severe consequences for owner-users/consumers-society.

With the rapidly growing global markets, protection against all of these aspects starts with excluding Soft-coded Identification on product level and integrate a solid identification and authentication of end-nodes. Thus from component level up to the whole system configuration of such product.

As an enabler for secured identification via the application of globally unique hard-coded SandGrain IC-tokens is the perfect basis to build a solid protection to abuse, supporting both central and remote/local supervision of access control to such network end-nodes.


Example applications for this market

The SandGrain Solution utilizes a new approach to strengthen security by combining simple, unique, hard-coded ICs that safeguard the nodes’ identities together with a centralized platform that guarantees the IoT nodes’ authenticity throughout their life-cycle.

Digital Product Passport

Part authentication & provenance