Protecting your Aerospace & Government assets

Advanced origin traceability

Enabling maximum sovereignty

From inception, safety in the Aerospace industry has been a prime concern with (cyber)security climbing up the ranks taking a firm second position the last decennia. Since geo-political tensions are on the rise, component traceability and sovereignty add to the priorities of equipment builders operating in this market segment. Assuring the cybersecurity of any system starts with having full trust that you are dealing with the system you think you are dealing with, and that you are not being spoofed. Being able to be absolutely sure of the exact origin of every component in a classified system increases overall security and avoids backdoors being introduced through an component from an unknown source.


Example applications for this market

The SandGrain Solution utilizes a new approach to strengthen security by combining simple, unique, hard-coded ICs that safeguard the nodes’ identities together with a centralized platform that guarantees the IoT nodes’ authenticity throughout their life-cycle.

Part authentication & provenance

Smart supply chain

Secure firmware updates