Counterfeit and IP protection

The key to protecting your equipment/device from counterfeiting is correct authentication. The Sandgrain solution authenticates the identity of equipment parts, therefore preventing the counterfeit parts to pass the authentication step. Only original parts will be authenticated, preventing the use of any illegal parts inside your equipment/device.

Counterfeit Components: In the supply chain, counterfeit components pose a significant risk. IoT devices often comprise various components sourced from different suppliers. Counterfeit parts can compromise the integrity and security of the entire device.

Third-Party Security: Many companies in the supply chain collaborate with third-party vendors and partners. Weak security measures among these partners can expose vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers to gain unauthorized access.

Logistics and Distribution Vulnerabilities: The use of IoT in logistics and distribution introduces risks such as unauthorized access to shipment data, location tracking of goods, and potential disruptions to the delivery process through cyber-attacks or physical tampering.

Safe and secure – no matter what application

We provide a universal authentication platform for any connective device.

Today, cyber-attacks are a real concern. We believe in restoring trust and piece of mind in an ever-changing and expanding Internet-of-Things.

We have created a unique solution that can be applied universally to any connective device within the Internet-of-Things. It combines the best of both worlds: a secure cloud platform linked to a token physically attached to the device.


The secure cloud platform providing state-of-the-art cyber security and required software services.

  • Generates, assigns, and issues unique identities for hardware tokens
  • Validates authentication requests from tokens in de field.
  • State-of-the Art cyber-security
  • Infinitely scalable

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Physically Unique ID

An immutable, hardwired, token that cannot be hacked.

  • A small IC that can be attached on the end-node of any IoT device
  • Immutable and extremely robust
  • Unique codes that are hard-coded on the IC using patented SandGrain technology
  • Communicates with CyberRock for authentication.

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