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There is a fundamental, often neglected, but essential pre-condition to move towards advanced industry concepts such as digital twins, life cycle management or service enhancement: as OEM one should continuously and instantly know the exact hardware and firmware configuration of every machine “in the field” down to its individual electronic boards. This can only be achieved with equipment that is (almost) permanently connected, making them part of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The many electronic boards inside these machines then become the IIoT end nodes and at the same time the backdoor and most vulnerable elements of these systems, far away from the OEM’s central (configuration) management system. This makes the system, without further measures, vulnerable to many of the attacks and misuses of connected systems and their components 

All this requires that the OEM knows in real time how its machine is performing, what the operational use is. And to guarantee the high up-time, service and repair must be extremely effective. Management of these assets (the machine and its electronic spare parts) and more specifically the machine configuration is thus becoming extremely important. 


Example applications for this market

The SandGrain Solution utilizes a new approach to strengthen security by combining simple, unique, hard-coded ICs that safeguard the nodes’ identities together with a centralized platform that guarantees the IoT nodes’ authenticity throughout their life-cycle.

System configuration management

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