Digital Twins


Digital twins are increasingly used to remotely analyse machine performance where the specific machine performance is simulated as realistically as possible. This requires detailed knowledge of the actual machine configuration.  SandGrain authentication provides the solid foundation for creating reliable digital twins for equipment. Therefore, the digital twin can be an exact copy of the actual system, including the exact revisions and module history. Modifications to the actual system can immediately be incorporated in the digital twin.


Digital Twin:

  • Track each module separately over its lifecycle
  • Incorporate data of a previous lifetime of the module(s) into Digital Twin model
  • Track and check hardware and software revisions
  • Fine-grained view of configuration status
  • Authenticate sensor data measured by modules

Safe and secure – no matter what application

We provide a universal authentication platform for any connective device.

Today, cyber-attacks are a real concern. We believe in restoring trust and piece of mind in an ever-changing and expanding Internet-of-Things.

We have created a unique solution that can be applied universally to any connective device within the Internet-of-Things. It combines the best of both worlds: a secure cloud platform linked to a token physically attached to the device.


The secure cloud platform providing state-of-the-art cyber security and required software services.

  • Generates, assigns, and issues unique identities for hardware tokens
  • Validates authentication requests from tokens in de field.
  • State-of-the Art cyber-security
  • Infinitely scalable

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Physically Unique ID

An immutable, hardwired, token that cannot be hacked.

  • A small IC that can be attached on the end-node of any IoT device
  • Immutable and extremely robust
  • Unique codes that are hard-coded on the IC using patented SandGrain technology
  • Communicates with CyberRock for authentication.

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