Keeping your

high tech equipment secure

Authentication for accurate lifecycle status logging

Ensure functional safety, improve performance and circularity

As a High Tech Equipment Manufacturers you can build advanced ownership and tracking systems that guarantee improved service quality higher up-time, improved performance through digital twins, and a contribution to a more circular economy.

Your operational technology (OT), industrial control systems (ICS), and cyber-physical systems (CPS) need security. Protect what matters most and maintain production uptime with SandGrain’s industrial cybersecurity solution.

High-tech IoT systems often involve cutting-edge technologies and proprietary information. Unauthorized access can lead to intellectual property theft and economic losses.

Companies heavily invested in high-tech IoT may face risks related to the competitive advantage provided by their technological edge. Security breaches could lead to competitors gaining access to sensitive information.

The high-tech industry often relies on global supply chains. Any disruption or compromise in the supply chain can affect the production and security of IoT devices.


Example applications for this market

The SandGrain Solution utilizes a new approach to strengthen security by combining simple, unique, hard-coded ICs that safeguard the nodes’ identities together with a centralized platform that guarantees the IoT nodes’ authenticity throughout their life-cycle.

System configuration

Life cycle management

Digital twins