About Us

Welcome at Sandgrain.

Due to the ever-increasing connectivity of systems worldwide and the importance of the IoT, the security of the accelerating availability of data will become paramount.

The verification of an identity is a critical vulnerability of this relatively new and ever expanding ecosystem

Our Mission

We believe in a world where data is secure, networks can be trusted, and sovereignty is valued.  SandGrain takes cyber security to the next level using an electronic trust anchor as robust “bar coding” for security

The SandGrain Solution

Utilizes a new approach to strengthen security by combining simple, physically unique, hard-coded ICs that safeguard the nodes’ identities together with a centralized platform that guarantees the IoT nodes’ authenticity throughout their life-cycle.


Our team consists of a diverse team of industry veterans, with many years of experience in the field of SAAS, cloud, cyber security, and chip manufacturing. Our team fully combines solid knowledge in key technical areas with many years of experience in the semiconductor business, from multinationals to startups. If you want more information about us, or our products, please contact us.

René Claessen


Jack Gijrath


Pieter Hooijmans

Founder & CTO

Casper Juffermans

Founder & Process Technology

Rolf van Gent


Radboud van Kleef

Business Development

Tanya Bakker

Marketing & Communications

Jeroen Doumen

Founder & Security Architect

Paul Verheijen

Test & Product Engineer

Patrick Henzen

CyberRock Product Owner

Hans Kersting

Field Application Engineer

Sander Koopmans

Application Support Engineer